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  3. A leaders job is not to do the work for others. Its to help others figure out how to do it themselves, to get things done, and succeed beyond what they thought possible!

  4. Enjoying Anime, while listening to music.

  5. Got a hair cut, feeling pretty sassy! Lol!

  6. Yesterday
  7. My favourite movie right now is login the new movie coming out so hyped about if you are just reply

  8. watching SJW's have breakdowns over Trumps inauguration make my day 

  9. Happy Birthday Mate!! ^~^

  10. Last week
  11. We Live https://t.co/Cg7x44riDg

  12. its funny when you are the only one blowing up my notifications with likes and comments lol


  13. We're falling apart, still we hold together. We've passed the end, so we chase forever.

  14. Welcome Back to the Forums :) 

    1. XGN VampireMyst

      XGN VampireMyst

      Remember to post in our panther section to help count towards your fp :) 

      Shout box doesn't count towards forum post

      just a friendly reminder :) 

  15. Hi I cannot access the testing guide. Is it not working/  Plse ley me know, TY

  16.  new video :) come check it out plz 


  17. powerbrick shorted out


    1. XGN Jinxy

      XGN Jinxy

      Lol, I knew you didn't just left outa nowhere



      hope you get one soon :)

  18. Stolen Valor. People who lie about Military service disgust me. 

  19. Status update: Im tired xD

  20. People's "Self righteous" crusade. I'll be sure to watch you burn.

  21. if ur a content creator just hmu or somthing :)

  22. Checks and Balance's, it's what is needed to grow even more. 

  23. i know you a cod and modernwarfare fan what do you think of the new one just got and kinda iffy on it

  24. Downloading Devpro heard it was a good app for onli e yugioh duels. I'll be judging that soon enough

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