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  3. this a great day


  4. Long live The 4 Horsemen

  5. Game battles this weekend with my faveys!!! @XGN Drugfree18 @Bid @XGN_iLLusionz

  6. If we go down, then we go down together

  7. Yesterday
  8. How's everybody's day?!:derp-min:

    1. ʝιиχу


      So so, just broke up with my Girlfriend, well my Ex-Girlfriend

      How about you?

    2. Norzo
    3. Justin Shover

      Justin Shover

      How are you doing 

  9. Keep it positive sparky. Drama is lame.:AreYouSerious2-min:

  10. It would make sense if your sonf was "Starboy"...just sayin

    1. S T A R B O Y メ

      S T A R B O Y メ

      Been there done that

  11. Hey! Happy Birthday, man; wanted to wish you the best.

  12. Get to know kirito why don't yall lol

    1. S T A R B O Y メ

      S T A R B O Y メ

      who r u and why do you have the Akame Ga Kill theme song



      Me I'm illusive and also because I like the song cx

  13. Last week
  14. Hey can you help me on going to an xbox one div?

    1. XGN RustableYew

      XGN RustableYew


      been trying to get up with u on xbox get with me on kik

  15. Verdict will rule in our strength.

  16. thank for all the birthday wishes


    1. XGN COOKi3

      XGN COOKi3

      i look like a 13 year old lol

  17. Happy Birthday, bud! Hope it's a good one.

  18. Late at night when all the world is sleeping...


  19. Just laughed so hard at nexus discord..... those dudes are crazy!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  20. really need help with my minecraft (pc) the forge i usually use isnt working. would love it if someone could help me out. im slow so have some patience with sme

    1. XGN VoiceLessQ

      XGN VoiceLessQ

      Most likely mod that is not compatible with forge version


    2. meat sneeze

      meat sneeze

      how do i know which one it is?

    3. meat sneeze

      meat sneeze

      like. the more i fiddle with it the more it acts up. just keeps crashing.

  21. pc minecraft....i miss you. you laggy bugger.

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