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    • Guest

      Report Site Errors   04/01/2016

      If you find anything wrong with the site, if you're getting errors, or if you are having issues with your account. Be sure to report it here.   https://forums.xgnclan.com/index.php/forum/46-report-site-errors/
    • SavageProd

      Forum Rules 3.0   04/20/2016

      The Rules of The Land

      Welcome to the XGN Forums. Our rules are pretty short, simple (and sometimes sweet & chewy). We (The Forum Staff) ask that you follow them at all times. Otherwise, Prod will kick your butt.

      Let's get down to business.

      Your Rights:
      You have the right to remain here. Provided you follow the rules, or pay tribute in the form of Dr. Pepper.
      Remember the XGN Code of Conduct? That still applies here. Remember the Forum Disclaimer? That applies too.
      You have the right to have ONE and ONLY ONE forum account. All others will be found, will be subject to shock-therapy and Chinese water torture, and subsequently forcibly removed with the equivalent of being sent to the void..Or a forum ban. (If you feel wrongful action was taken against you, contact a forum staff member) or send an email to [email protected]
      Please don't post content that may be: Abusive, Obscene, Vulgar, Slanderous, Hateful, Threatening, Sexually-oriented, or just overall disrespectful. We will remove it, we will remove you, and then we'll go back to playing our games, and eating hot cheetos. Please DO NOT post hundreds of counting games throughout your divisional forums (ex: “count to a million”)
      Be respectful to others. Even if you don't like them. We don't particularly care what reasons you have, which may or may not include: "They stole my pink doll (or "action figure") " or "They brought my K/D in the negative."
      We ask politely that you keep your pictures of your cat out of the shoutbox. Or any other pictures for that matter. or videos, or GIFs (It's pronounced like Gift without the T, btw...), or basically any media that may stretch the shoutbox or cause inconvenience for others. Nobody likes an inconvenience.
      Please follow any forum specific rules which may be conveniently posted in a Pinned Topic in the specific forums or in an Announcement of that forum. Failure to do so may result in a Nerf War or worse.
      Please don't use the forums as your personal marketplace. We don't appreciate your requests for 48-hours, or your lovely ads for male-enhancement drugs.
      We have the following tools at our disposal. Topic Locks, Topic Deletions, Post Deletions, Post Suspensions, Forum Suspensions, Forum Bans, IP Bans, Starvations, Executions, Floggings, Shock Therapy, and Good Ol' Fashioned Beatings with Leather Belts and our defcon 5 warning system (who can forget about that)
      Oh, did we mention that we may use those tools at any time, for any reason we feel necessary, possibly without warning? Including if you break any of the rules listed here OR if we ask you to stop and you continue like a child in a supermarket? Yes, ... we may.
      We ask you use Common Sense around the forums. That's all.
      And of course the essential "We may alter these rules at any time without notice" statement which we will place here.
      Play nice, here's a cookie, Game On!
        The general punishment guidelines are as follows:
      1st Offense: 2-day suspension of posting privileges
      2nd Offense: 7-day suspension of posting privileges
      3rd Offense: 2-week suspension from the forums
      4th Offense: Indefinite ban or indefinite suspension of posting privileges
      Note: Punishments are subject to change at the forum administration's discretion. Every situation is different, and may or may not call for different discipline than what is noted above.
      Below I have written some terms and what they mean so that everyone is clear on them I hope this helps   Spamming- The act of posting several times in a row without having anybody post after you regardless of it being a “spam” section this is not an exception and you will be warned/suspended. Posting several things over and over again throughout your squad and division that are non xgn related. If its important information regarding the div/squad then its not “spam”   Flaming- The act of disrespecting an individual person, the community as a whole or threatening a squad/division is the act of flaming and will be banned on site with no warning whatsoever so be careful what you say and who you say it to.   Dead topics- Topics/threads that are considered “dead” which means they are older than a month and have less than 10 replies the moderation team goes through and moves them to our web staff trash can that only web staff members, and owners can see.This is done on a weekly basis so if you’re posts are being “deleted” they aren’t they are being simply moved and the sections kept clean as possible
    • SavageProd

      XGN Web staff Rank structure   09/29/2016

    • SavageProd

      Shoutbox rules   11/23/2016

      Rules For the Shoutbox Do not flame (disrespect) other forum members. Please keep in mind that what you may consider a joke may be seen as offensive by someone else. If somebody is purposely starting a problem or Continuing one report it to the attention of a Forum Staff member Do not use abusive language, racism, Anti Homo-sexual slander. Asking and or pestering Forum Staff for Moderator abilities consistently will result in suspensions. Asking to be Banned or deleted will result in such action, even if in a joking manner. Since By the Request of a member, We have ZERO obligation to unban after action is taken. Spamming (Limited to but not excluding, multiposting-/-Spamming mass posts on forums and shoutbox in Full caps lock and or Smilies and emote icons) Forum Staff have final say over all Regarding Video links-/-Images: You can post vids in the shout box *Only if hidden inside the Spoiler BB code, and if its in acordance to the Content rules for the forums. DO NOT post links to images that violate any other rule, or the XGN Code of Conduct, or anything that is morally or ethically questionable. Pornography is ZERO tolerance and will result in PERMANENT suspension from the forums. All other rules and the XGN Code of Conduct apply to the shoutbox and its use. The use of the shoutbox is a privilege which can be revoked at any time, at the discretion of a moderator or administrator. Do not avoid the auto-filter Certain words are filtered for a reason Willfully Avoiding the Auto-Filter includes replacing letters with similar characters. Its highly noticeable when people are Actively Avoiding the Filters. A minimum of 1 warning is issued before ANY action is taken. *Ban me* appears with certain Racial comments and results in a suspension. • > Just because the Words are filtered, does not mean Over using them is needed, and if felt warented, shout box suspension can and will be imposed All other rules and the XGN Code of Conduct apply to the shoutbox and its use. The use of the shoutbox is a privilege which can be revoked at any time, at the discretion of a moderator or administrator. Punishments For Violations The general punishment guidelines are as follows: **The warning points are cumlitive and stack up. (0 warning Points) Verbal warning (generaly a shoutbox warning) (1 warning Points) 24 hours mod review. (2 warning Points) Content moderated for 48 hours-/-Ability to create content removed for 24 hours. (3 warning Points) Content moderated for 72 hours-/-Ability to create content removed for 48 hours-/-Suspended for 24 hours. (4 warning Points) Content moderated for 8 days-/-Ability to create content removed for 4 days-/-Suspended for 2 days. (5 warning Points) Content moderated permanently-/-Ability to create content removed for 22 days-/-Suspended for 14 days. (6 warning Points) Content moderated permanently-/-Suspended for 30 days. (7 warning Points) Suspended permanently. Note: Punishments are subject to change at the forum administration's discretion. Every situation is different, and may or may not call for different discipline than what is noted above.
    • XGN Jessi 7

      News Team Accepting Applications   12/14/2016

      Do you have a passion for writing? The XGN News Team is looking for experienced and passionate writers to join the team. If you believe you have what it takes, please fill out an application in the News Team Area of the forums. If you have any questions please contact News Team Head, @XGN Jessi 7

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